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This routine is short and sweet. It’s perfect for bodybuilders who want a break out of a stale routine or for those who want to maximize their results in the shortest period of time. This program is great for novices and experienced bodybuilders alike. It involves basic strength movements. There’s nothing fancy here. The real effectiveness lies in the specific combination of movements. Each day incorporates specific movements in the right sequence that will help you grow. I emphasize heavier weights with absolute strict form. Unless noted, you’ll perform 5 sets for each exercise. Each successive set gets progressively heavier and you’ll follow this pattern: 1st set, 8 reps; 2nd set, 6 reps; 3rd set, 4 reps; fourth set, 2 reps; and fifth set, 50% of the weight of the 1st set to failure. In addition to the program outlined below, there’s 20 minutes of cardio after each workout, ten minutes of stretching before and after you finish training.
training routine #5
CYCLE: 4-Day Split, Two Days On, 1 Day Off, Two Days On, Two Days Off

LEVEL: Intermediate To Advanced
GOAL: Muscle Size, Strength

Monday: Quads/Hams

• Squats
• Leg Curls
• Leg Extensions
• Abs

Tuesday: Back/Calves

• Deadlifts
• Shrugs
• Toe Raises (5 sets of 12 reps)

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Back/Biceps

• Behind-The-Neck Pulldowns
• Front Lat Pulldowns
• Seated Rows
• Bicep Curls (Straight Bar)
• Preacher Curls
• Alternate Seated Dumbbell Curls
• Abs

Friday: Chest/Triceps

• Flat Bench Presses
• Incline Bench Presses
• Incline Dumbbell Presses
• Dips
• Tricep Cable Pushdowns
• Toe Raises (5 sets of 12 reps)

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

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